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Painting on Silk Scarves – Rooftop Workshops in Cape Town

Painting on silk scarves is a beautiful and sacred art which has been practiced for centuries as a form of meditation and self-expression.

The origins of painting on silk can be traced back to the 2nd century and during this time, only plant-based dyes were used.

Silk scarf painting workshops Cape Town

Although the practice of painting on fabric has been adapted into many different forms, using various colouring mediums, there is something particularly special about using silk.

In addition, when you paint your own silk scarf, the sanctity of your own internal thoughts and feelings are manifested into something beautiful, unique and wearable.

Silk Scarf Painting Classes

In honour of this sacred process, we will be hosting 4 silk painting workshops on the rooftop of De Waterkant in Cape Town.

We will open each workshop with a guided meditation which will help us set our intentions for the process that lies ahead.

During the meditation we will journey inwards to discover our expressive thoughts which will later be manifested outwards and onto our silk scarves.

Silk scarf painting workshops Cape Town

Hand Painted Silk Scarf

Each workshop will be guided by an experienced art instructor, which means that absolutely no art experience is required.

All art supplies, including dyes, paints, stencils and silk scarves will be provided, allowing you to come as you are with only the yearning to partake and create something memorable for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one.

Mandala Workshop

Apart from painting on silk scarves, we will also offer two mandala painting workshops which will be lovingly guided by experienced art tutors.

The mandala workshops will be primarily focused on Chakra meditation, using the 7 energy centres of the body as inspiration and guidance.

By doing this, we become aware of which chakras need to balanced and brought back into harmony. Each chakra has a unique colour which carries a special frequency, which we will tap into as we journey through the process.

Traditionally, mandalas have been used as a form of meditation which helps us silence troubling thoughts as we move from the centre of the design outwards, before completing it.

A completed mandala is representative of a journey which begins from a position of taking a look towards our inner beings and journeying outwards, ultimately representing the unified, whole self.

Painting Mandalas and Silk Scarves Cape Town

The energy exchange for each workshop will range from R1200 to R2500, which affords you the opportunity to experience the process of this traditional, sacred art before taking your art piece home with you.

Silk scarf painting workshops Cape Town

In addition, you will also have the choice of making and painting silk cards as well as painting on silk fabric squares which we will make into silk sling bags. This will range from R800 to R1500.

During our workshops, you will learn the basics of painting on silk using colour washes, using various painting techniques. Additionally, we will cover the process of composing your design while facilitating your own creative freedom.

Lastly, you will be provided with information on how to set the dyes you have used, leaving you with all the knowledge you need to further your artistic practices at home.

Yasmin Barsch – Painting on Silk Scarves

It will be my honour to facilitate your process through this sacred journey of painting on silk in one of the most beautiful rooftop locations in Cape Town.

The silk scarves provided are hemmed and of the highest quality. This is the perfect opportunity to create a unique and personal gift to yourself or a loved one.

For more information on the workshops, which will be held every Saturday for a month, starting on the 2nd of November, or to reserve your seat, please contact me.

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